The Orange Kyte - Grow It Right
The Orange Kyte - Grow It Right

The Orange Kyte - Grow It Right

Little Cloud Records

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Number of Tracks: 10
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color: Opaque Orange
Jacket: Full Color Reverse Board (Vintage Matte)

** A digital download link will be emailed to you automatically once your vinyl order ships - contains 2 bonus tracks not on the vinyl!

The Orange Kyte is an experimental music project with a manifesto to release music in various shapes and forms varying in fidelity and approach but always drawing heavily from a love of ethereal tones, fuzz, reverberation and all things psychedelic. Introducing Stevie Moonboots and a revolving cast of collaborators and cohorts, musical and otherwise. Vancouver, British Columbia's The Orange Kyte is an exercise in boundless sonic tomfoolery with an emphasis on mind expansion and continuous evolution.

Digital Only

Available for purchase through Bandcamp