Magic Shoppe - Triangulum Australe (Pre-Order)
Magic Shoppe - Triangulum Australe (Pre-Order)
Magic Shoppe - Triangulum Australe (Pre-Order)

Magic Shoppe - Triangulum Australe (Pre-Order)

Little Cloud Records

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Number of Tracks: 4
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 45rpm
Vinyl Color: Black
Jacket: Full Color Reverse Board (Vintage Matte)
Release Date: May 25th, 2018

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Triangulum Australe was originally released “digital only” back in 2012. One of the group’s more obscure records, it has never been available on vinyl…. until now! Little Cloud Records is beyond stoked to finally get this dark, reverberated gem pressed on vinyl.

The EP’s opener, Trip Inside This House displays an overpowering psychedelic atmosphere – it’s heavy and swallows the song in one sweeping bite, but at the same time it offers an unsettling quality that drives the song into menacing oblivion. Josiah Webb weaves catchy vocal hooks through the mystifying haze, which eventually becomes the pattern of the EP.

Shangri-La in Reverse is another snapshot of this troubling psych sound, driven by a sweltering haze and a creepy, slithering beat that drags underneath. Webb’s fuzzed-out vocals are masked by a thick veil of quivering reverb, which already has to cut through that smokey guitar haze to make it to your ears. This track just goes to show the heavily characteristic nature this music has with its broad range of effects, which always makes for an immersing listening session. This is some hypnotizing psych rock.

(Description by Zac Camagna -

Digital Only

Available for purchase through Bandcamp