Dreamtime - Tidal Mind (PRE-ORDER) SOLD OUT
Dreamtime - Tidal Mind (PRE-ORDER) SOLD OUT

Dreamtime - Tidal Mind (PRE-ORDER) SOLD OUT

Cardinal Fuzz Records/Little Cloud Records/TYM Records

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Number of Tracks: 6
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color:
 Random Color
Jacket: Full Color Gatefold


Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) /Little Cloud Records (USA) and TYM Records (Australia) are proud to bring to you the long awaited fourth full length LP from Brisbane Astral Travelers - Dreamtime. 
The wave has crashed, producing a million waves of sound, each breaking on the shores of your own TIDAL MIND. DREAMTIME have gazed deeply into the infinite depths of our earthly ocean bringing you their new opus: TIDAL MIND. 
Studying the interactions of liquids, plants and creatures of sea, DREAMTIME have listened carefully to the deep sounds of dark depths. From this sweet salty symphony, they have used their instruments not to play mere chords but to ride within these waves of sound letting our human ears drink deeply from the vast waters. 
Channelling distant echoes of krautrock masters into not only the sounds created but their approach towards recording spontaneous thoughts, feelings and jams; Kosmic music runs deeply in the veins of these five musicians. TIDAL MIND falls into perfect sequence in the progression of this band that feels no ties to conventional musical impressions cast down upon the masses by the mainstream. The band makes its own channel through the embrace of natural patterns creating unique DREAMscapes permanently altering ones perception of the world that surrounds us. 
Harnessing the perfection of analogue equipment while utilising modern techniques the band entered the studio and successfully laid down some ritual shit. The album sees DREAMTIME not content to reproduce previous sounds but press ever forward into the deep Kosmic unknown. TIDAL MIND sees the band return to the studio with Darek Mudge setting the controls for the heart of the ocean. Unheard sounds of unfathomable depths have been recorded/mixed and mastered so you can place the needle in the groove and enjoy them in the comforts of your own home. 
Releases May 3, 2019 
Zac Anderson: Guitar/Vocals 
Fergus Smith: Guitar/Synthesizer/Shahi Banja 
Tara Wardrop: Drums/Bells 
Michael Grinstead: Bass 
Ricky Turner: Synthesizer 
Recorded and Mixed by Darek Mudge at Blackbox Studios. 
Mastered by Byrce Moorhead 
Lyrics by Zac Anderson. Front cover by Hannah Atcheson. 
Inlay Artwork by Mia Taninaka. Layout by Brett Savage. 
Brisbane, Australia. Thank you to our friends, family, Poseidon and supporters. 
Copyright Dreamtime 2019